Leave me alone!!!!!


There is something to be said for children who wait until you reach in the bathroom to suddenly decide that they have problems that need to be sorted out.

New rule in my house for the gremlinz to follow that carries as much weight as no TV on weeknights Monday to Thursday and keeping your room tidy: DO NOT BOTHER ME when I’m in the bathroom! If there is the absence of fire or blood, in my mind there is the absence of the immediate necessity for my refereeing, detective or even basic listening skills and I could get at least five minutes, BY MYSELF TO BATHE MYSELF for crying out loud!!! I swear tonight I could have released the beast inside but thank God for the sanity that sometimes comes with a closed door.




It’s Friday! Time to imbibe!

I’m certain if someone did some qualitative research on drinking on particular days of the week, Friday would be up for honourable mention. A Friday destress would enlist one of the three J’s for me (Jose’ Cuervo, Johnnie Walker <Double Black> or Jack Daniels) or perhaps all three in a notable drink that my husband loves called ‘The Three Wise Men’. However, on this Friday I am home, just finished cleaning, enjoying the rest of my vacay with the gremlinz so I’m heralding the fourth J, JABLUM.

Some time ago I visited Jamaica for a dear friend’s wedding, one of the best mini-vacations thus far. On the way back to Trinidad while waiting to depart I was reminiscing on the crazy fun few days I had and it hit me that the entire Norman Manley International smelled like coffee! Anyone who has departed this Jamaican airport can attest to this, there is a coffee place everywhere! So now anytime I smell coffee, my brain takes me back to my crazy fun Jamaican holiday. I think it’s an associative thing.

On her visit back to Trinidad my friend was mandated to return with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee (JABLUM) which is one of the many blends that waft through the airport space. So now with my precious French Press I have my own tools to brew my own potion.


This is only when the I’m-oh-so-relaxed-me-time mood hits whether it be mornings, after lunch, afternoon tea, evenings, but definitely not every day.  This Friday deserves it though.

Bless up





This was so perfectly stated I IMMEDIATELY sent it to whom it applied!

With my gremlinz spending a few days by granny, husband at work and me with ZERO need to leave the house again, in the middle of the quiet I’ve had my mind filled with all manner of thoughts chief of which are my friendships, past, present and future.

I have heard the adage about the three types of friends, those who are around for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I’ve had and appreciated all three as I’ve  never felt a compelling force to keep a book open when it is time for it to be closed, savoured and memories archived. Thankfully I still have very few ‘lifetime’ friends both at home and across the seas who can be counted on for laughter, venting or a kick in the pants when needed. I’ve come to realize that as you get older, the circle gets smaller and soon enough you are comfortable with the intimacy it provides and that’s ok. 🙂

So here’s to the ones tried and true! Until we get old and grey and eating Crix with our dentures and even in the afterlife scaring the shit outta people……


Bless up